The Mage's Tower of Hexen
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                           Welcome to the Realms of Hexen                          Last updated: 30.6.2019

 Official homepage and headquarters of the creator of the "WRATH OF MAGIC" mod for Heretic",  "LEGEND: FAREWELL EDITION"  for Hexen , and other enhancement mods for the classic series.
These mods are made by the multi-directional net-artist  Hexen Star - with and/or without  his former/present teammates.

The mods are creative enhancement for the overall style of Hexen/Heretic/Doom artwork and/or mechanics. It is my personal tribute of admiration to Hexen and the world of Medieval Fantasy games of the glorious past. May they live forever.

LEGEND and other mods  were made for use  ONLY with the JHexen/Doomsday engine. The mods will not work without it because they use *.DED scripting files which are Doomsday specific. Game saves from the mods are also incompatible with the unmodded Hexen.




Legend: Farewell Edition

Wrath of Magic: Farewell Edition



 The Cleric Mod

 Corvus Mod