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DOWNLOAD  Legend: Farewell Edition (download disabled until version 8.3)

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It looks like there is one aspect of the mod that i have overlooked: the retroactive mistakes. That is when changing something in the advanced sections of the game causes issues is the beginning. I am aware of this particular caveat, so i know better and avoid making these, but with the sheer amount of fixes that version 8.2 underwent, it is kinda inevitable that something like this would happen.  So, i am guessing as i playtest the mod now, we will all be looking forward to Legend FW 8.2.1 to rid the mod of those nuisances. You already have an upgraded version from today.

Stay tuned.


8.2 upgrade is completed! We are now that much closer to perfection :-)  This dark fantasy battle is not to miss for any Hexen go download it and get ready to kick some serious ass!


Dear Friends and Fans of Hexen, the long road that the HMT Studios and Legend Mod have taken is at long last complete. This is the END. The mod is at it's ultimate iteration and will not be further developed. And frankly, i myself have really missed playing games opposite to having time just to build them. It is time for our next mod to present it's final farewell bow...

Have fun with the mod!