A quick update. Still busy with the recording and the work in the studio. Will get back to the mods shortly. It will take some extra time to fully complete 8.3 - but yo'lls are really in for a treat with this one.

There are more news to tell, but i am just too short on time now. Screenshots of the Hexen-based mods have also to be changed mostly, cause they show the inferior 8.0/8.1 and the disastrous 8.2 versions.

Legend Farewell Edition 8.3 will grind all issues "into the dust of the past". Until version 8.3 - the download is removed.


Critical update to Legend: Farewell Edition - a serious glitch has been discovered far in the Effluvium level. An invisible wall that was blocking a certain corridor, essential to completion of the game, thus rendering such task impossible, unless using a cheat.

This glitch has been resolved a couple of months ago in a version 8.1.1 Make sure that the Legend WAD file that you are using is 8.1.1 and NOT just 8.1 to avoid this problem.

Wrath of Magic: FW-Edition update: my 2nd revision is progressing well, as i am in about 60% through the 2nd episode. That means that the 1st episode is finished. Even though the levels in Hell's Maw are becoming increasingly complex and tougher to restructure, but the work goes on, the gears are grinding and the wheels are turning. Considering that FW-Editions for both games are a one-man enterprise, - the things are moving quite well. I have posted more screenshots in the WOM page.

I am really looking forward to work on the third episode, after which the 1st part of the game will indeed be released. But to get there i have 4 quite tough levels to redesign first...

Stay tuned,

~Hexen Star


Deathkings Rage mod has been cancelled. But, many awesome level sections from Deathkings are being incorporated into Legend Farewell Edition.



Yes my friends, it is official: something wicked this way comes... Since the release of Legend 8, and especially it's hardcore update 8.1 - the long-surviving Heretic mod "Wrath of Magic" became heavily outclassed and outmatched in every possible area.

So now, an intense effort is under way to bring the Wrath to a new level of standards. While Heretic decoration system is far not as advanced as that of Hexen, but i am doing everything possible to make the Wrath as neat looking and as exciting as is Legend-8.1

So far, about 30% of the levels underwent a makeover and the extensive test results prove themselves with flying colors.

Expect very aggressive combat, melee battles, L8.1 style - darker and more sinister castle looks, weapon improvements and all sorts of ultimate fixes that are long overdue for this mod.