the most mysterious and forgotten add-on  for Hexen&Heretic  is here!!!

The screenshots below are from "WRATH OF MAGIC" mod  used with H!ZONE

H!ZONE is a level/episode pack   for Hexen/Heretic. which was released by "Wizard-Works" in the very distant year of 1996

It was long before the appearance of things like Doomsday engine or even before Hexen-2. It was even before the appearance of Windows98!   So, the H!ZONE was made to work in DOS only,  and in an extremely cumbersome way at that. It is Hellishly tricky to operate, and if you are running your games through a modern sourceport - then there is just no way.

Well, except one. To extract the WAD-files through a really abnormal way in DOS and then use them traditionally with your favorite engines - Doomsday, ZDoom, etc.

DOWNLOAD 9 H!ZONE Episodes for Heretic   DOWNLOAD Hexen  levels H!ZONE compilation   DOWNLOAD standalone  levels for Heretic taken from H!ZONE CD   DOWNLOAD standalone  levels for Hexen taken from H!ZONE CD
H!ZONE provides no less than 9 full episodes (despite it's written 12) for Heretic, as well as many standalone levels that are mostly the user-made kind. All episodes are also "Wrath of Magic" compatible

The episodes are pretty hard, and a "Wrath of Magic" mod welcoming changes like the Battleaxe - will indeed make things much more possible and enjoyable. All of those episodes when activated - they replace the THIRD episode of the original Heretic.   (The Dome of D'Sparil). When the new episode-wad is loaded, - just start the 3rd episode as usual and you will begin a completely new adventure.

For Hexen, unfortunately, it only has a load of unrelated standalone and user-made levels with no episodic structure, and frankly - i didn't even bother checking these out. But, i did get them, so that i can share it with all those who might be willing to play those oddities.

I hope you will enjoy this collection, as i certainly wouldn't like it to be lost in the dusty corners of time, and i am glad to present it to all of you. The files are provided in the WAD format, as they should be; and are ready to be played through your favorite engine as an external PWAD. (have tested those only with Doomsday).