(for Legend: The Glory of Battle)

  As we all know, the 2nd default character in "Legend: the Glory of Battle" is Corvus -the original hero from Heretic. Thus there is no Cleric in Legend. That what this mod is for. It switches between Corvus and Cleric, - bringing the Cleric character into Legend-8 Cleric is a character different from Corvus - he has similarities, but there are several key differences which make him an irreplaceable classic hero. As well, it brings back the classic feeling by having the original yet visually enhanced weapons, with some new better  surprises alongside.

(the mod is also known as CL-8)


                    Serpent Staff is back in action!!!...even with a few extras :)


In the CL-8 mod, just like in Hexen - Cleric Can wield 4 weapons, some of which will be traditional, and some are new.
One thing that was a problem with Cleric weapons, and that for some good time delayed the development of the earlier CL-7 mod - is that for the most part, Cleric's weapons of Hexen are plain boring. Throughout HMT history, no less than 50 weapon graphic mods were made, but nothing posed greater challenge than enhancing the original Cleric weapons.

The 2.0 version of the mod features several critical bug fixes - most important of which are the Serpent Staff firing delay and animation glitch; also the Staff is now a 3rd-fatality enabled weapon and Morning Star+Dagger have an additional custom made blood effect, which was creates specifically for the Cleric Mod 2.0 Because it looks the best with this particular weapon :-) So all in all, our Holy Warrior is ready to Rock'n'Roll !

The first weapon of Cleric - from the very start had to go away, since he could bore anyone to death with his mace, AND it looked very poor against the weapons of LEGEND. So it has been replaced with a TRIPLE ATTACK - Cleric does that with 2 weapons at the same time! New Morning Star  and a Dagger together! Though the weapon does not use Mana, yet merely having any amount of Blue Mana in your inventory - increases dagger damage. On higher difficulties of the Legend 8.1 you're going to need that knowledge... 
2nd weapon - remained the Serpent Staff, with alittle makeover and a new standstill animation.
3rd weapon - remained Firestorm Spell, but i changed the color and brightness to match the flame itself as well as the animation now is a little clearer.
4th weapon - is Wraithverge (of course) but with improved animation graphics and extra frames. Firing this weapons looks and sounds much more impressive than originally.
When the mod is loaded, you will see Cleric in the Cleric character window and not Corvus.