Legend: Farewell Edition features 6 characters, (three are available via separate mods), and the weapons and artifacts they carry now have undergone some serious changes to withstand the aggressive opposition. This is no Hexen, things are about to get...bloody.

Throughout the many years of HMT history - over 50 weapon mods were developed just for Hexen alone, not counting Heretic and Doom. Pretty much each version of Legend had different weapons! And now as the end nears, there have been long debates about who and what will appear in the last and ultimate iteration of the mod. The final cut is based on the Legend version 8.3 update - which has an insane number of extras, polishes, upgrades, remakes, features and fixes added to it, - finally resulting in what is to be The Farewell Edition.

After heavy discussions about features, improvements, comparisons and a huge amount of play-testing - the game that was shaping up in the end started to really resemble HEXEN-2! That was quite a surprise, then again - our team leader and main designer is always inspired by Hexen-2 as the more gothic personification of the series. The same fighting style, tricks and techniques, scarce ammo and heavy reliance on artifacts - like a mix between the first and second Hexen, including the room design that HS is so fond of :-)   So, here we go - let's see who are the winners in this ultimate battlefest...




In the epic showdown that is Legend FW 8.3 - Fighter class has some new and very powerful artifacts. Enemies ranged and melee will be sorry for trying to stand in the way of his weapons. And while Hexen2-Paladin-style combat may sometimes be prevalent - unlike vanilla Hexen-1 you just can't run in and smack the monsters around. Most likely, if tried - this would be a short path to the grave. Learn your strengths and patterns of attack. Fighter is both a master tactician and a straightforward destroyer. His Axe and Dragonstaff are both formidable weapons and in skilled hands they clear a path without much trouble. His speed and armor allow the Fighter better management of dodging, without being dependent on the usage of cover, which of course, always helps anyway.  


Battle Axe - Warrior's first weapon in Legend: Farewell Edition remains true to it's roots of the previous versions, but this time also has a small upgrade in speed and power. Numerous tactics can be used when wielding this weapon. If strategy and tricks is your thing - you'll have fun with this one.



The axe delivers a three (and later - two) hit combo which ends with a long-range wide explosive attack. This can be timed to attack stronger enemies while charging the ranged attack by beating weaker monsters first. It also works very well with discs of repulsion - to switch range quickly and perhaps even direct the blast at more enemies.

The axe can also be charged by hitting certain objects. Keep your eyes open!



The Templar Arms - a deadly dual wield combo of hammer and mace. This can deliver rather fast melee damage, if you can get your enemies in the right spot for it. Basic enemies and Hexen traditional monster arrays will fall like flies. Then again, - who said this is Hexen? You'll soon discover that it's easier said than done when almost every creature has a ranged arsenal...



Templar Arms delivers a swift 3 strike combo, and the range is designed for an offensive tactic, rather than defense. Excellent weapon for circle-strafe attacks, but - you'll be rather using corner tactics from Hexen-2 than that. The opposition here really doesn't sleep unlike in the original :-)

Corridors, corners and doorways are perfect for ambushing foes with this weapon. Combined with the Discs of Repulsion this is some serious firepower.




Legend Farewell Edition 8.3 brings the fearsome Dragonstaff - which is definitely the slickest and the prettiest weapon mod to be designed by the HMT, and i am particularly proud of it. And while it acts sort of similar to the Golden Axe, yet the staff fires without delay, faster, and delivers a powerful secondary explosion shortly after. Firing this baby in quick succession can build up an entire storm of devastating flames.

Dragonstaff  projectiles do not have a piercing effect, but their combined overall power and the potential cumulative effect more than make up for it. In some situations it can be even more destructive than the ultimate weapons.











The Storm Crossbow. This weapon of the Dark Gods doesn't take no for an answer. It destroys anything in it's path with just a few well-placed shots. But only when you can collect all of it's parts - you will be able to use it.


Originally developed for Wrath of Magic 3-X in the distant 2006, this modified sprite has migrated into Legend on more than one occasion, and finally has made a well deserved home there.





Heroic Elf from the original saga comes forth to hunt down and destroy the 2nd Serpent Rider. Corvus class has recently been redesigned from scratch and as such he is only available in the version Farewell Edition 8.3. Corvus is the most unique character to play in the Farewell Edition. He has his own unique weapons and a very special mana balance and utilization. It is his 2nd weapon which uses both mana colors, while the ultimate one - feeds only on the blue mana. Intrigued?

Corvus is not only a skilled melee combatant, but also a master of fire spells. The Gauntlet-Axe combo is both powerful and swift, and you will be using it every chance you get. While at range the mythical elf enjoys various fire-based artifacts which begin with magic missiles and end up with truly demonic weapons that turn all enemies into mush.  Another feature which is extremely useful for Corvus is the principle of combining weapons. You may start attacking with one weapon, and finish the enemy with some other weapon in order to manage your mana resources better.

Axe and Gauntlets combo is an excellent starting weapon, reliably fast - it can deliver solid amounts of damage and works very good in Hexen-2 style corner ambushes and of course circle-strafe attacks. Using this weapon as a finisher in a combination with other means of attack is an excellent way to conserve mana.


Going simple, fast and furious: just two strikes - left jab and right axe slash. Very effective, second only to Warrior's Templar Arms as a melee weapon. Makes it both effective and fun to use, eliminating any drag that the older versions had.





The Elvenwand  is finally back! And it acts as a truly unique weapon in Legend FW:  it fires quick and quite hefty missiles at medium range that pack a punch. They may seem soft, but you'll be surprised how fast these lay your foes low. Beware though, this weapon uses BOTH blue and green mana per each shot. However, this time the weapon is not a combination one, and so at a very close range it kinda loses power, so keep that in mind. It is recommended to combine it with a melee axe attack.





The Hellstaff  is back in it's most spectacular flaming rage ever! The ultimate choice for making a Hexen-beast-roast (pun intended). A lot of love and work has been invested into finally bringing this weapon to it's ultimate version. I have rebuilt it to avoid the animation glitch which plagued our eyes in L7; and now the staff looks more massive, more threatening and it acts more formidable than ever! With that in mind, it is weaker on impact than Cleric's Firestorm and it also doesn't do as well in tight corridors. On the other hand, - it's explosion burns much longer than that of Cleric's Firestorm and it is damaging enough to kill several enemies at once. 













The Hellstaff firing mode has been modified: the blast is wider and flames move around much longer in expanding circular patterns, covering more ground and bringing death to anyone who dares to cross their path. Now it absolutely does act like a True Hellstaff!




The Incinerator is Corvus' ultimate weapon. And at that, it is a one of a kind. Using only the BLUE mana, it fires a twin fire spheres which explode when they hit a solid object, igniting a large area around their path. The resulting flames from such ignition are extremely powerful. When applied correctly this can clear an entire room of monsters. The incinerator's projectiles have a piercing effect and therefore are best used when the enemy is near a wall, to bring it's immense burning power to bear...

A word of warning though: despite the fact that the Incinerator uses only the blue mana to fire, you still need to have at least 18 points of GREEN mana in your inventory in order to use it. Tricky, eh? Yeah, Corvus does feel like a completely new character now! Constant mana math solving ensues!


















The Mage class is the true ruler of Hexen: Legend universe! Being able to act at any range, having weapons of any level of power and with an ability to conserve mana for the bigger guns - the Mage will leave no foe standing! Wielding the most advantageous weapon in Legend - The Ice Staff (yes, another Hexen-2 reference), which is both melee and ranged - the Mage has the highest expertise in ranged combat, at least among the sword&sorcery characters of the mod. Not unlike the Assassin of Hexen-2 - the Mage can kill easily, but also get killed just as easily. His flechette has also been upgraded and can deliver greater explosion and be dropped down from above (unlike the vanilla Hexen).


The Shock Staff is both a melee and a ranged weapon: as long as you are holding the trigger - it fires small lightning missiles, but when you release the fire button - a close range two-hit combo is unleashed. Both attacks can be combined in the heat of battle to a great success and for fun.





No matter how neat was the idea of the Ice Axe of the version 8.0, but there were some serious flaws and issues with that resulting in it falling short of the desired effect; and in the end it lost to the fine tunings of the Marine Mod. Plus, after further examination - everyone agreed that we need Frost Shards  back. :-)













The shards are more powerful now, becoming even more so at close range - and unlike the vanilla Hexen - can be useful in the situations where the otherwise flawless Ice Staff is just too slow.





Lightning Storm - returns with a classic animation and packs much heavier punch. Finally this weapon lives up to it's name. Combining the power of both lightning and flames it strikes with truly unstoppable ferocity. Very few enemies can withstand a prolonged conversation with this powerful spell.







 It has always been established by all of the HMT participants that this mighty weapon shall remain unchanged, except for the cooler looking flame spheres.  In the meantime the weapon's efficiency has been improved, so that it's projectiles destroy enemies more effectively. That mean that they destroy player characters more effectively as well, when you're going to square off against Menelkir, Master of the Arcanum.






Cleric is the original class from Hexen. In Legen: Farewell Edition, however, Cleric is only accessible through a Cleric Mod expansion DLC. His class is preserved as it was, providing only a small number of changes to visually enhance his arsenal and to match the fun-factor of the killing tools belonging to other characters. Cleric also has his Flechette attack powered down, and while it is still very effective - it isn't such an overkill as in the vanilla Hexen.


The Mace of Boredom is long gone, and good riddance! For a number of Legend versions Cleric enjoys the triple attack combo of a Morning Star & Dagger. And while it is pretty much the least powerful melee weapon of all heroes - in skilled hands it can be used very successfully against various creatures.



Like some of the starting weapons in the game, - having blue mana in your inventory boosts the attack power of the weapon by a solid degree.






The Serpent Staff is just as good as it was in the original game, and it boasts some neat visual changes. It is the only weapon in the game that can be used for healing, and otherwise it's effects were not changed from it's standard behavior in Hexen.
















Firestorm - compared to it's mightier brother - (The Hellstaff), is slightly faster upon attack, and delivers more damage on impact, while the Hellstaff needs an extra second or two to bring it's burning blast to bear. Also, Firestorm works better in tight spaces. Otherwise it's effects remain unchanged from it's standard behavior in Hexen.















The Wraithverge - an immortal classic that it is, receives some extra frames an a small visual enhancement to make it's action look more formidable. Otherwise - it is as capable as ever to tear any opposition into shreds.

More so, it also has been upgraded with a secondary barrage of post explosions, to match the destructive potential of the other heroes' weapons. This means that you will have to be a little more resourceful when fighting Traductus, the leader of the church...






The Marine

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