The Marine Mod and Legend Farewell Edition have some cool hidden references and allusions that inspired it's creator

(that would be me) And here is a list for those curious:

1.Game of Thrones reference: the Marine character, (who is the main hero in the Marine mod) uses an Ice Flechette, while his buddy the Sergeant uses the Fire Flechette - this is not a coincidence :-)

2. Robocop reference:  Sergeant's double rocket launcher, if you look carefully - is a recreation of the weapon that "The Bone Machine" wielded in Robocop: Prime Directives part 1, Dark Justice. Robocop movies always were super-cool, and i loved them since the times i was a child and up to this day. And i do mean the real Robocop, not that robocock nonsense they scrounged up in the 2nd millennium bullshit.

3. Bloodrayne reference:  yep, the coolest and sexiest vampire out there had to make a little cameo mentioning in Legend:FW. In the Monastery level, the doors in the main hall that require silver key reveal an area with a blood pool in it's center. If you are familiar with Rayne and the game, then it will be quite obvious that the blood pool is shaped like a Bloodrayne symbol from the game.

4. Cthulhu reference: well, my favorite author is the immortal H.P. Lovecraft, - so it had to be there. The Hexen-2 demonic pentagram image was modified to look like a Cthulhu-esque image. and it appears as such in Darkmere and Effluvium.

By the way, i wonder if any of you know that in the X-Files series was an episode featuring a creature which looks exactly like the Stalker from Hexen! Now who made who?!

5. Conan The Destroyer & Conan 2004 PC-game references: the one and only true personification of Conan always had a great effect on me, and i do admire it greatly (and yes, the books too, of course!). And therefore, the Marine storyline is tailor-styled after the signature storytelling of this great hero.

I have combined the style of the narration in Hexen-1 and 2 cutscenes envisioning the spellbinding voice of Mako for inspiration. And i think it came out quite well! 

When the Marine exits Hub-3 the story begins with the line "what good is sword against sorcery?!" - the same line is used by Queen Taramis in the conversation with Conan in the beginning of the movie Conan The Destroyer.

Upon the exit from Hub-4, again a line from the movie is used: "a giant bird of smoke" is a description Mako/Akira uses to describe the Wizard to Conan, when Jenna is kidnapped at the ruins. Conan the 2004 PC game also uses similar phrase when Conan leaves Kordava. A couple more lines from Conan game are used, such as in the Marine ending: "wild blood and a thirst for adventure" - a direct allusion to the Conan PC-game intro sequence. (this one can only be seen in a Marine ending bonus comics poster, here at the artworks page, band section of the HMT website) Can you find more?

 6. Golden Axe reference:  when either hero of Legend FW arrives at Hub-5, they begin the episode by the fire and surrounded by blue where have we seen this before?!

7. Sylvester Stallone / the Judge reference:  Marine ending, phrase "I AM - The END!" -  this is basically a modification of the famous enough line "I AM - THE LAW!" . Those who have seen the film enough times, will surely connect the dots. When the Marine characters were designed, something between B.J. Blazkovitz and Stallone's The Judge was the lead idea.

8. Wolfenstein reference:  this one is harder to trace, but with today's computer world and all - easy enough. Those who had the privilege to read the videogame magazines of the golden age, (and i am talking early 90's here) definitely remember the Rambo-esque advertisement of Wolfenstein (i think the ad was for SNES). That advertisement pic was a direct inspiration for the Marine mod title screen! No wonder they look suspiciously similar....  

9. Jason Voorhees, Freddy and Leatherface reference:  again Hub-5 - there is a cabin in the Haunted Forest where Jason & Freddy are apparently vacationing. Jason Voorhees was my fave character for years and years (particularly the supernatural version from part 6!) Freddy was the runner-up. Leatherface reference can be found in a different cabin in Hub-5, and maybe even his chainsaw....who knows?

10. Blades of Vengeance reference:  the very best 16-bit heroic fantasy game in existence was and is Blades of Vengeance. (yep, our band is named after it!) And no, not Golden Axe. The red healing bottles, which come instead of Quartz Flasks - are actually designed after the same item in Blades of Vengeance. Also, Wrath of Magic mod has not only those bottles, but even the sound for picking up items in that mod is sampled from the legendary game.

11. Painkiller reference:  in the Cleric Mod, the Serpent Staff decoration is a tribute allusion to Painkiller Overdose - it has a crossbow with the exact same decoration styling.

More secrets to come!





Enjoy the game!