Re-uploaded "Rock-n-Brawl!" and "Rebel Road" albums, version 2016a - which has corrections

and improvements for Revenge, No Holds Barred, Johnny B Goode and Shadowgate tracks.

So, help yourself :-)

Rock-n-Brawl-2, featuring fully reworked  in stereo and upgraded versions of the tracks is planned for late 2017.

Right now all forces are being thrown to release the Splatterhouse-dedicated album -" Dark Resurrection".

Stay tuned,  both Rick and Jason will be proud!



Uploaded the new Johnny B Goode video - the one with our chosen singer. It truly rocks! Check it out.

Finally, resuming the work on Dark Resurrection. And, Rock-n-Brawl is also up for revision. Even though it was

kinda partially patched close to launch, but since then our knowledge and sound education has improved

significantly. Stay tuned for a thoroughly polished result in Rock-n-Brawl-II.



We are currently in the midst of the recording/arrangement session for the "Dark Resurrection" album.

In parallel, we are doing the same kind of work on the Castlevania tracks. Surprised? Well, we promised

this one long time ago, but HS's education was the factor that constantly delayed this project.  But now

the gears grind again!


In the song department, - expect an original metal-battle saga "Gods of Time" with a video dedicated to

Andy Whitfield. Also, once we are done with "Dark Resurrection" , - more hard rock covers are coming your way -

including a tribute to the Immortal Ronnie James Dio in our own rendition of "Man on the Silver Mountain"!


The "Revenge" video has been taken down temporarily, since we are making upgrades to it.

Expect it back during the summer.

Stay tuned,