REVENGE- is our band's original song, and this track belongs to the " "ROCK-N-BRAWL" album,

and it is a tribute to all the great arcade and console beat-em up games that we grew up on. This one took really enormous time to make, but in the end - after delays, corrections, upgrades, studies, lineup and cast changes and tireless editing - it all came together in this ultimate tribute to the golden era of the arcades.

16-bit systems, videogames, hard rocking riffs, dual guitar solos, 80s-90s style training and some good old school hand-to-hand combat!  Need i say more?! Rock-n-Brawl!!!

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  We are proud to finally present our extraordinary tribute to
the masters of the age that brought about guitars, style
and Rock'n'Roll. And with that goes our special version of
Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode", which was nonetheless NOT
inspired by Chuck, but by Judas Priest cover of the same song
and the unforgettable rock-guitar dedicated flick -
"Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny". Special thanks goes to
Jack Black for this one.

We have made our own version of Johnny, which comes with
a cool hard-rock creative arrangement and plentiful technical
bells & whistles, - including Chuck Berry's re-arranged solo,
old-school-metal passages, all new electric violin solo
(recorded in one take, unlike everything else, lol)
and a piano finale with a too-crazy-to-play outro.








Don't Stand in My Way - a Steven Seagal tribute and a hard rock reimagining of the originally Gregg-Allman-performed song. The not-so-well-known original was co-created by David Michael Frank, Todd Smallwood and Steven Seagal himself. So....what do you think, guys?! 









No Holds Barred - the greatly improved John Joyce cover and a tribute to Hulk Hogan and the spirit of the 80's. This is the 2016 album-quality audio with an updated video. It differs significantly from the outdated demo we posted a few years ago, which is still popular, nonetheless...






This is the official album version of our metal rendition of Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode. Unlike the earlier special video version made with additional voluntary participants, - this one features our chosen session singer - Gershon "The Destroyer", who nails the song perfectly in terms of drive and rhythm in his signature style of Zeppelin/Purple performance fashion.

The video is meant to be comic, just like the earlier alternative iteration, while the track itself shows the opposite - the quality and dedication to the standards that music should never fall from.

This is the version which appears on our non-profit music album
"Rebel Road", which is free to download for anyone, and if you feel like some hard rock is on your mind - you are welcomed to get it from our website, right here in the music downloads section.