SERGEANT PACK is a 3rd DLC expansion for Legend: Farewell Edition 8.3, and it adds an additional guns-blazing class to the already existing quintet of heroes. Originally, the SP was a DLC for the Marine mod, but for reasons of the ease of operation, it was changed into a standard DLC for Legend: Farewell Edition 8.3.

Sergeant character is the ultimate destroyer. Shoot first and ask questions later. Extremely powerful at close range. Lethal at a distance. Choose him when you just want to kill stuff in the world of Hexen.

The Sergeant - the 2nd gun toting warrior in the world of Hexen follows the Marine through the arcane portal to investigate the events which brought about the disappearance of his friend.

This character uses completely different balance of arms and combat approach. In the mod, he appears as a Fighter-class character. Though he is way deadlier at close range. And since all of his weapons have ranged attacks as well  - then no battle catches him off-guard. Arguably, he is the easier hero to play among the full cast of Hexen: Legend Farewell Edition 8.3.



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  pump-action shotgun - the starting weapon of the Sergeant. At first, it seems truly devastating, as it can do extreme damage up close and combo with a kick-attack which also packs quite a punch, - so that part is true. Though very soon you will discover that it is not as unstoppable as it presents itself. Flying enemies do not go down easily at distance and creatures who can block won't suffer the full blast... It has it's pros and cons, but all in all - it is a powerful enough weapon to take on almost anybody, as long as there are not too many of them.  


 The Plasmagun is the Sergeant's close-medium range weapon. It uses energy cells for ammo and is quite efficient both at close and medium range. At melee distance the Plasmagun adds a short-range electrical blast which increases the stopping power by a solid degree. Of course at the expense of more ammo. With that said, it's projectiles are moving rather slow, thus the best use of this weapon is not too far from close-range, where it's efficiency can be maximized.


 Double Rocket Launcher! Now this weapon is a pleasure to fire! It will take care once and for all of your problems with reflective enemies. Despite that, while it is the perfect weapon against the Slaughtaur, and it does good damage to any creature, yet it may prove not as strong against the Werebeasts and Serpent Riders. So, you better learn the enemies weaknesses, count your ammo, and make your assault choices wisely.



 The Flamerail  is the fourth weapon that the Sergeant character can get his hand upon. It fires a set of twin burning rails which deliver further and further explosions. This one uses ONLY ONE ammo type (rockets), 14 ammo points per shot. Thus, allowing you to use it more freely in tight situations as the primary attack and then finish the rest of the work with the cell-powered Plasmagun, which has it's ammo untouched in such a tactic.


The Fire Flechette is a powerful grenade-like artifact, similar to the Fighter's flechette from the original Hexen. Except this one covers a much larger area with multiple explosions delivered on impact. The Fire Flechette can only be used by the Sergeant character.