Completed in 2016, despite being conceived as early as 2012, it is the latest installment in the Blades' creative efforts. this album is the younger brother of the "Rock-n-Brawl!" project and is largely responsible for the latter's delays. Initially it was planned as Rock-n-Brawl!'s extension, but later on it was decided to continue developing it as a full-fledged album. It features several vocal tracks, which are stellar resurrections of various famous and less so rock covers as well as instrumental enhanced remakes from Shadow of the Beast 2 and a bike racing game Super Hang On. This album also has some mega cool videos including the comedic opus Johnny B Goode.


Another 2016-released project that we initiated around 2012 - is a purely Streets of Rage and Double Dragon 1 & 2 tribute album.

During the production of this project the technical side of the things underwent substantial learning process and there were decisions regarding as to which standards should the team adhere to when releasing the album.

Eventually it was decided to release it on somewhat in-between level, where the tracks themselves were recorded using older and simplified methods, while the later-added enhancements to the album were all done according to the more educated and a more professional approach.

All the best tracks from the legendary beat'em ups - Streets of Rage and Double Dragon games shine in a driving hard rock arrangement here, and though not all the technical bells and whistles have been implemented, unlike in the next album - this project still is a real treat to the fans who grew up on the genre and love the music. We have elevated the tracks from being merely a game soundtrack to a competent standalone listening material. Including our original song "Revenge", with it's ass-kicking video! Check it out.


Recorded in 2010, "Dark Time Travel" is our most successful project so far. It's tracks enjoy wide acclaim on the internet and are celebrated by game fans, rockers, goths and newcomers alike. More here. And here.

DTT is a tribute to the Splatterhouse games released for Sega Megadrive in the early-mid nineties, and feature the best tracks from these games in a very powerful and creative representation. Unfortunately, this album despite it's popularity was recorded and arranged while having substandard and inferior technical knowledge, resulting in a rather mediocre sound quality compared to what we do today. Due to this, it has been decided to take down the download until further notice. On the other hand, we are working toward reviving this album (at least the best tracks there) in a proper revision, re-arrangement, correction and even re-recording which will finally to this music justice.

DTT-Resurrection album is planned to be released somewhere in 2017.


Another project that we worked in parallel in 2010, this was our second attempt to repair our first album - The Tribute to Golden Axe. With the superior selection of tracks, enhancements in arrangement, better recording hardware and a tad more knowledge to throw in - it was more than a decent attempt at the time. It was available for download for several years. However, - once again HS decided to take it down due to it's technical production standards inferiority.

And while this decision is not yet final, one thing you can bet on: Golden Axe tracks WILL RETURN. And they will do so in full HD and maximum glory.

Several tracks from this album can be easily found on youtube, having some acknowledgement all the same.  More here.  Here.  And Here.


"Into the Enchanted World" - was our second game-resurrection tribute album (2009), and it consists of tracks from several classic console games of the golden, albeit bygone age of video games. Most notably so - it focuses on Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun. Although it also takes shots at Sword of Vermillion, Golden Axe 3 and ultimately Blades of Vengeance itself - the game after which our team is named.

Alas, beside it being a rather extensive and noble attempt, this album suffers not only from technical but also musical and production-wise lack of knowledge, inferior quality and sometimes even poor choice of tracks. The download has been taken down.


Released in 2010, as an addendum to the "Dark Time Travel" album, the Shadow of the Beast tribute was rather formidable effort at the time.

Briefly before it's release there was a backup corruption of the files and therefore some final improvements to the tracks were lost. It was released in the "as is" state, which was still much better than all the known renditions of the music from this game :-)

We will be reviving this project as well, and will bring it to full power, - as you can guess; even our latest 2016 album "Rebel Road" has Shadow of the Beast tracks (although they are from the second part of the game), - but they do appear in the ultimate glory that they truly deserve.




Our very first project - back in the distant 2008, was done at the time when HS could barely play guitar, and just discovered where it the "record" button in Cubase :-) The result was according...

And though we did give it our best at the time, it does show that the album was made by absolute beginners. Well, everyone has to begin somewhere. Despite that, the album circulated in several Golden Golden Axe related forums, including "Death Adder's Castle" - the premier Golden Axe resource functional at the time and was very positively viewed.

We attempted to improve the album twice, - in 2009 and 2010, while each time indeed achieving more, but eventually only to find flaws and ultimately suspending the project until we would have educated ourselves better.